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Constitution of India, 500 indian constitution questions and answers free download

Indian Arasiyalamaippu Sattam 
                                                              Indian constitution
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Indian Constitution Means in India’s Highest Priority in Indian Law.
In This Indian Constitution Have Totally
                        22 Divisions
                        12 Schedule
                        94 Corrections
                        465 Sub Divisions
                        117369 Words.
Features of indian constitution
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Occupied in to the Indian Constitution Book.
Articles of indian constitution
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indian constitution law
indian constitution notes
The Indian Constitution Since When  Started at 1947 Aug 29, Created at Indian Constitution Comity. The Completed Indian constitution Rules have Issued at 1950 Jan 26th. So All the Indians have celebrating the Republic Day  Every Year in Jan 26th. Were full definitions for indian polity who has wrote for laximikanth. Indian polity by laximikant book was related to constitution of India.
The Rules of Indian Constitution is said, The Indian Country is one of the FEDERALISM Country. The FEDERALISM word is Replaced in to UNION on to the Indian Constitution Book.
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constitution quiz
In 1947 Aug 29th The Constitution of India is Created at One Conversation Meeting. That Meeting What Would Be Said Dr.Br. Ambedkar And Under the Seven Members Putting The Writing New Indian Constitution to build up our told that Time.
Who is The Persons Listed Below( Indian Constitution )
Dr.Br. Ambedkar ( Head OF the Team)
Gopalswamy Iyangar
Allad Krishnaswamy Iyar
Seyad Muhamadhu Shadullha
Kanaiyalal Maneklal Musishi
Mathava Rau
T.P. Kaithan

In Jul 18 1947 PRITHANIYA Parliament Have Issued At the Indian Independence Law

In 233 State Government Members have selected at State Government Election. And the 16 Members have Selected in to the Precedent of the India. So the Total Parliament Members have 249 members in Indian Parliament.The Indian constitution is world’s longest constitution.
The President of India
The Indian Precedent have called at the “First Citizen of India”.  The Indian Army is Controlled by the Precedent of India And the Three Level Army Force’s Commander.
The Indian Precedent have called at Indian Politics Leader. 
Changes of Constitution
The Rule 368 is said that the Indian Parliament have get any Changes in constitution of Indian Rules. The Year of 2010 Sep almost 94 Corrections have placed in the Indian Constitution Book. So the corrections have corrected for average 2 times per year. 

Indian Penal Code

The Indian Penal Code is called all the India’s Important Criminal case Collection. In this IPC - Indian Penal Code have occupied in all the criminal case collection in Constitution of India. 
Some Knowledgeable Questions And Answers:
The Current High Court Judge Name is a  I Give to Two Options, For First Option is H.L. Dhathu, Another Option is R.M.Lodha. I will Give In  Two More Options, 3rd Option is P. Sadhasivam, The Last Option is D.S. Thagoore.
Which is the Correct Answer Please Comment Below:- 

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