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The Tamil Nadu public service commissions have been announced group 1 exam date on 19/02/2017. So the students are study about all subjects from up to 12th standard books. Lists are the subjects yet to study by candidates. We will give some tips about tnpsc group 1 examinations.
Tnpsc group 1 model question paper with answers PDF in English {updated here*}
ü  Tamil – 6th to 12th standard books
ü  Mathematics – 6th to 12th standard books
ü  Science (biology, chemistry, physics) – 6th to 12th standard books
ü  Social science - 6th to 12th standard books
ü  General Knowledge
ü  Current affairs last 6 months
ü  Aptitude
ü  Mental ability
These are all the subjects yet study the candidates can confirm put pass marks in group 1 examinations. And this time group 1 vacancy is only 88. So the candidates are can more effort in all subjects.
1.      National Remote sensing centre is located at……
2.      Which one of the assembly by elections saw the highest voter turnout during 2010 in Tamil Nadu?
3.      The world classical Tamil conference held on July, 2010 is
4. Which article of the constitution of India gives provision to set up village panchayats?
5.      Under public distribution system, rice is distributed at the rate of re.1 per kg in…
6.      The national rural employment guaranteed programme came into force to provide 100 days of employment in….
7.      The longest solar eclipse of the 21st century occurred on….
8.      Qutbuddin albak was a slave of….
9.      Tamil Nadu is a major product of..
10. Which is the name of Tamil Nadu state bird?
11. The queen who took the lead in the south Indian Rebellion was..
12. The resolving power of a telescope is highest for…
13. A time series grapgh is also known as…
14. The 73rd constitutional amendment act was passed during the period of..
15. Shri Sundarlal Bahuguna received…….award
16. Reservation was provided to woman in government services by…
17. Which Mughal emperor was defeated by sher shah?
18. The first Mughal Emperor to show interest tn painting was..
19. In which year was the ‘Dyarchy’ introduced?
20. Buvan the new web based mapping of earth was developed by…
21. Where the typhoons are usually found?
22. The largest planet in the solar system is..
23. Ammonotelism is common in...
24. Who was not the member of the first national income committer of 1949?
25. The leasing material in Ruby laser is…
26. Longitudinal half of the chromosome is called
27. The term ‘gene’ was proposed by…
28. One bite consists of...
29. Where do we have Rapid Transit System in Tamil Nadu?

30. In which hill is the Killiyur waterfall located?

The group 1 examination has been conducted three exams.
ü  Preliminary exams
ü  Main exams
ü  Interview exams
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